Christmas Tree Red Design Chocolate Gift

Christmas Tree Red Design Chocolate Gift

  • Code : UFO01195
  • Category : Chocolates

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Festive Christmas box ideal for gifting or sharing during Christmas dinners filled with seasonal flavours of fruits, nuts, creams, wafer, and more.

Capturing magic one box at a time! Christmas is for the glitter-hearted, the bright souls and the happy minds. Christmas is Patchi. This alluring red box, available in three sizes, is glamour itself, with golden Christmas trees and the shimmer of festivities carrying out the jolliness this season holds. Chocolate charms of milk, dark and white embracing flavours of almonds, hazelnuts, rice, crispy crepes, pomegranate cream, pomegranate jam, raisins, orange peel, coffee beans, gianduja cream, pistachios, wafer and chocolate spread, each individually wrapped in colors destined to sweeten your holiday with each bite of goodness!